The Art of the Game

Bright Summer Days

Immerse into the great outdoors and celebrate the long, warm and welcoming days of Summer, with a relaxing game of chess, with our Bold series in Peacock Blue and Light Gold.

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transience of time

Secret Garden

Secret Garden Art Chess Set - By Gosia Łapsa-Malawska Inspired by the classic novel – ‘The Secret Garden’ by Frances Hodgson Burnett, the creation reflects the transience of time of a forgotten garden. Evoking cracked stones, moss covered walls and the mass entanglement of overgrown flora, Secret Garden breathes life into faded beauty, encapsulating imperfections and the endless spirit of carefree play, inviting players to engage in strategic battle amidst the beauty of minimalistic reminiscence.

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Play like a chess master

Zsóka Gaál

Purling Peacock Blue and Surf the Web Dark Blue selected by Zsóka Gaál - our Brand Ambassador.

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Tradition with modern flair

Experience the elegance of tradition fused with modern flair. Featuring exquisitely hand-carved Staunton pieces and our signature Knight, elevate your game to a masterpiece of style and strategy.

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complimentary global shipping

Pondus by Rob McCarthy

A geometric interpretation of the universe and the wonders of space Limited edition magnetic chess set by Rob McCarthy

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Our beautiful games

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Your Unique Purling

Full customise you Purling chess set

We can fully customise every detail of your Purling chess set to match your personality, or the colour scheme of your choice.

Use Pantone or RAL colour options for your Purling chess set

We can match your pieces to any Pantone or RAL colour.

Add a plaque to your Purling chess set

Customise your board with a Brass or Silver metal Plaque, incorporating a logo, text, Spotify QR code to play a specific playlist.

Corporate customisation

We've collaborated with


The Raw and The Refined

A one of a kind collaboration with L'houette, mixing two worlds together.

Purling + L'houette chess set

Craft the Beautiful Game

Purling craft the beautiful games

We design and make beautiful board games for players, collectors and art lovers.

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Mario Correia

"I am passionate about collecting chess sets and found an excellent range at Purling. The designs are amazing and I have purchased a beautiful Bold Chess set."

George Williams

"I have purchased a Heritage Chess set from Purling. The quality was really amazing and I always receive compliments for this board from my guests. Thank you!"

Richard Taylor

"I bought a beautiful chess game from Purling. The chess game was very attractive and I got it at a very reasonable price I am so happy to shop with Purling. Highly Recommend!"

Geoff Shane