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Celebrating 50 years of Pride & LGBT+ Community

...make time to play, because everyone is different and everyone counts.

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Unite classic with contemporary, incorporating vibrant hand-carved Staunton pieces.

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A Newfound Perspective

A beautiful hand-painted chess set, using Leonardo's own hand-made ink.

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Your Unique Purling

Full customise you Purling chess set

We can fully customise every detail of your Purling chess set to match your personality, or the colour scheme of your choice.

Use Pantone or RAL colour options for your Purling chess set

We can match your pieces to any Pantone or RAL colour.

Add a plaque to your Purling chess set

Customise your board with a Brass or Silver metal Plaque, incorporating a logo, text, Spotify QR code to play a specific playlist.

Corporate customisation

Our beautiful games

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The Raw and The Refined

A one of a kind collaboration with L'houette, mixing two worlds together.

Purling + L'houette chess set

Craft the Beautiful Game

Purling craft the beautiful games

We design and make beautiful board games for players, collectors and art lovers.