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Purling chess boards are crafted from the finest quality materials using precision techniques, including hand finishing, to produce distinct & beautiful boards that perfectly complement our unique chess pieces.

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Chess boards

Collaborating with specialist craftsman in England, Italy, Germany & Spain, our chessboards are sourced and produced from sustainable certified luxury woods including; Maple, Poplar, Walnut, Sycamore & Oak and naturally forming and abundantly available Alabaster stone.  

Each chess board undertakes numerous production processes, starting from - the cutting of initial source material & air drying (allowing for moisture content) to - painting, arrangement, alignment & joining of the pieces, framing & sanding to produce a beautifully smooth surface, before the final processes of applying coats of varnish and/or lacquer, for a clean, sharp and superior finish.

Once produced, our chess boards are quality checked before delivery to Purling in London, for secondary quality checks and any final application processes, that may be required.

Production processes from start to finish can take upwards of 6 months; from initial delivery of sourced material, and dependent upon the combination of materials, to its final quality approval check.