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Unite classic with contemporary, incorporating vibrant hand-carved Staunton pieces and our unique Knight

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The Bold difference

Customise your pieces with Pantone or RAL colours

Purling Bold series pieces are hewn from Boxwood
(a hardwood) inspired by traditional Staunton design and featuring Purling’s unique Knight design.

Customise your chess board with a plaque

The pieces are hand painted, finished and assembled in London, England. Each piece is coated with two layers of base coat primer, two layers of high gloss paint and two coats of high strength lacquer, to produce a deep glossy, satisfying and durable finish for added protection.

Our knight piece is uniquely Purling

Each piece has a beautiful Italian Nappa leather base felt, featuring The Purling logo embossed in 18 carat gold.

Customise your Bold chess set

Purling craft the beautiful games

Choose from either Purling colours or any combination of your choice for your pieces, to match the interior design of your home, office or favourite team’s jersey.  

Bespoke chess boards can be painted & printed to your required design, including photographs, logo’s and messages. Alternately, choose from Purling Maple or Italian Alabaster chess boards.

Each set contains four Queens for effortless Pawn promotion.

Each set is shipped in Purling branded premium packaging, both protecting and displaying your purchase perfectly.

"I am passionate about collecting chess sets and found an excellent range at Purling. The designs are amazing and I have purchased a beautiful Bold Chess set."

George Williams

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Explore how we can customise your chess set with our design consultant. We are only limited by your imagination. 

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We can fully customise every detail of your Purling chess set to match your personality or colour scheme of your room.

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