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Our distinct and desirable chess pieces are influenced by traditional Staunton design and feature our uniquely designed Purling Knight.

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Chess pieces

We work closely with specialist artisan craftsman in India (the origin of chess), England and Italy, to produce exacting pieces for The Royal Game.

Our Heritage, Bold & Bespoke chess pieces are made from hardwoods – Ebony & Boxwood, and the timbers are sourced from sustainably certified forests.

From initial delivery, timbers are cut from the 1.5m - 4.5m long pieces of source material into blocks and naturally air dried for up to 6 months allowing moisture to fully evaporate, before cutting into manageable blocks for carving.

Each chess piece is individually hand carved on a lath, using specially designed cutting tools, taking up to seven minutes to produce. Our unique designed Purling knights are hand carved, to achieve the meticulous detail, the time to create each Knight piece can take up to 12 hours.

Following the carving process, weights are added into the base of the chess pieces before receiving a final sanding for smoothness and polishing.

All Purling chess pieces are finished with our signature Italian Nappa leather base felt, featuring the Purling logo in 18 carat gold. Our Italian Alabaster pieces are carved in Italy, from naturally forming and abundant stone.

All Purling chess& checkers sets are presented in our luxury branded packaging with our branded ribbon, and include care guide instructions.