Corporate Social Responsibility

Purling are committed to a fairer equal society & playing our part to ensure the safeguarding of our planet.

As a small business, we operate with a fair & diverse team & are striving to reduce our carbon impact, incorporating sustainability into our everyday working & forward decision making process. Our initial small steps will help and lead us to becoming a circular business in the future.

The Purling Team

Currently, 56% of our team are female, under the business ownership & our Chairman.

One third of our employees are non white British/other nationalities & 23% are from the LGBTQ+ community.

Our gender pay gap is Zero, we have an equal pay/benefits policy - which is job role based.
The average age of our employees is 49 years, currently ranging from 33 years to 84 years & we also offer flexible working hours for all our employees.

Our suppliers

We work with both UK & International suppliers, who work within the guidelines of local labour/environmental policies within their jurisdictions.

Environment impacts so far

We have completely removed paper wrapping & reduced by over 80% protective polythene bags from inbound shipments of our branded packaging from the far east. Our branded boxes are made from recycled paper.

The bubble wrap we use is made from recyclable LDPE & our brown cardboard boxes are 100% degradable/recyclable (made from 75% recycled brown card and are sourced in the UK) & are FSC certified. We also recycle our waste paper & cardboard.

Where possible we support split working from home/office options to reduce carbon impacts from travel.

We hire 3rd party electrical vehicles for usage of product movement & marketing support.

We have so much more to do as we embark upon this essential journey, to become a circular & fairer business and this is only the start!