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At Purling, we are proud to design and produce beautifully crafted chess sets in luxurious materials, which differentiate us.

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Chess sets

Collaborating with artisan craftsman across the UK and the globe, we take pride in creating games that are as much “statement pieces” as playable games.

Walnut, Maple, Ebony, Alabaster, Nappa leather & precious metals – Gold & Platinum, are but a few of the materials that are used in producing Purling luxury chess sets, expertly crafted to our designs.

Collaboration with local and international artists to produce unique “one off” pieces offer an added point of difference along with our Bespoke customer service option, we can fully meet & create individual requirements, be they corporate or personal.

Explore our rage of wonderful chess sets, from Heritage, Stone & Bold series, to Art chess, special creations including The Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Chess set, or contact us to discuss your own Bespoke requirements for unique Purling game.