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Purling + Kent Conservatives

Auction Prize

Purling are delighted to support Kent Conservatives with the Platinum Jubilee Bold Chess set for their 2022 Fundraising Auction.

Bold Jubilee Chess Set

Purling's Bold Jubilee Chess Set

To Celebrate Her Majesty The Queen's Platinum Jubilee, this limited edition (of 70) Jubilee Bold set has been produced in the Purling signature Purple and Platinum. Hand-finished in London, our Bold range, with 6 layers of paint & lacquering, provides the ultimate emotive and highly tactile pieces with which to play. The pieces are paired with a large black & white Alabaster stone board to make the very Boldest of Royal statements.


Bold Jubilee Chess Set

Bold Jubilee Chess Set Purple & Platinum Pieces , Black & White Alabaster Stone Board

n celebrating Her late Majesty Queen Elizabeth II Platinum Jubilee, Purling created a limited edition (of 70) Jubilee Bold Chess set with pieces painted in Purling Signature Purple & Platinum, the chess set is available to order (8-10 weeks delivery). Hand- finished in London, our Bold range chess pieces receive with two layers of base-coat primer, two layers of high-gloss paint and two layers of crystal-clear lacquer, providing the ultimate emotive and highly tactile experience, with which to play.The chess board is crafted from Italian Alabaster stone and measures 45cm x 45cm, to make the very Boldest of Royal statements.Limited stock held, also available - made to order (approx 8 weeks).‍

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